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FO: Charity Blanket #2 for 2013

As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been a little bit addicted to my charity afghan project this year. It’s just so easy to pick up and work on, and the pattern is so easy (Blue Afghan).

As a result, I’ve already finished two this year. And since the collection is at the beginning of November, I still have the red, white and blue one from 2012 to donate for this year. I’m pretty happy with three, since I only finished one by the deadline last year!

I used the losing color combo from our vote last year to finish up this one, since I had the yarn available.

blue, lilac and white afghan

I think it turned out really well! I’m pleased with the color combination. All three colors in this afghan are Caron One Pound, which is my favorite for these charity afghans, since it is easy care.

Since I gathered all my yarn in one place and realized how much there is, I’ve been on a mission to start knitting and crocheting my way through it quickly. I now only have two half skeins of One Pound left, which is not nearly enough to make another afghan. This means I’ll probably be taking a little break from afghans. This is good news for you, blog readers, because it means I will probably be working on quicker, smaller scale projects – which means more FOs (hopefully)!


5 thoughts on “FO: Charity Blanket #2 for 2013”

  1. I am using this pattern for a blanket for my mom and I would like to know how many skeins of Caron One Pound Yarn did you use? I have 5 skeins 4 main colors and a border

  2. Hi – I think you will be fine with 5. I don’t recall exactly, but I think I had 5 skeins of Caron One Pound for this one with a bit left over. My finished blanket was around 5′ x 6′ and covered the top of a full-sized bed. Hope this helps! Would love to see your blanket when it’s done!

  3. will deffinitely be posting a pic when I’m done! So far its looking pretty good. I’m pretty excited to complete it! probably the fastest blanket i will have ever created and not lost interest in. haha!

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