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Knotty Take 2: Winter Blues

Well, friends, I did it. I met my crazy knitting goal. On Wednesday at 1:04 pm, I completed my second pair of Knotty gloves – exactly one year to the day that I completed the pair I made for my mom.

Let me introduce you to my Winter Blues Knotty Gloves!

Winter Blues Knotty gloves completed


I did some fairly furious knitting to get them done. The kind where I would knit until my hands started to get tingly and numb and I would be forced to take a break.

I also learned, after thinking I had bruised my hands with my pointy metal circulars, that it was actually the dye coming off on my hands.

The yarn is Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere. I originally purchased it to make my Tardis socks. Pretty much the day I started swatching with this yarn for the socks, I learned that Lorna’s Laces was releasing the special Bigger on the Inside colorway, and I quickly abandoned this yarn to order the Lorna’s. It was a happy thing though, because I was really jealous of the gloves I made for my mom, and I was more than happy to have a pair with the same yarn (different color).

blue Knotty gloves front and backI used size 1 needles for these, though I used size 1 1/2 for my mom’s. The real reason is that my 1 1/2 needles are stuck on one of those pairs of socks I’ve temporarily abandoned, but I also liked that it gave them a very snug fit. I know they will stretch out a bit as a wear them, and this way, they won’t stretch too much to be wearable.

These lovelies still need a Soak, which will hopefully help get out some of the excess color so I don’t wander around the last few weeks of winter with bruise-colored hands!



8 thoughts on “Knotty Take 2: Winter Blues”

  1. Those are gorgeous! While I love the Tardis socks, and have actually been thinking about knitting up a pair for a Dr. Who fan in my life, these gloves are so much more spectacular.

  2. Lovely. I knew you could do it! I am having trouble with thumbs on a pair of fingerless mitts…I keep getting large holes. I have tried picking up more stitches and that does not help…any suggestions?

  3. One thing I did on these gloves is that I used the ends to help close up some of the holes while I was weaving in. I thought that worked out well, and it’s not noticeable in the final product.

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