Pantry upgrade

We moved into our house almost three years ago, and I have been waging a silent war since we moved in – the war against wire shelves.

I hate wire shelves, but apparently the people who lived here before LOVED them. They put them in every closet, including our pantry. Particularly in the kitchen, I have a lot of small cans, bottles and other things that simply will not sit up straight on wire shelves. Every time I took out a bottle of olive oil, I risked knocking over every single other bottle in the pantry, since they were not so much sitting on the shelf as they were precariously leaning on each other for support.

The other problem that I have with them is that these horrible shelves seem to only come in a 12-inch deep size, and my pantry is deeper than that. That led to a lot of wasted space in the front, where I mostly started stacking things up on the floor and against the wall.

So while Mr Snips had very carefully organized the pantry into “zones” (dry goods, oils, teas/coffees, cereals, etc.), it still looked a mess for all of those reasons.

The pantry before - with the dreaded wire shelves

So , after hating this arrangement intensely for three years, we finally found a solution. My dad found some solid shelves on sale at a hardware store, and he carefully cut them down for me and made and painted support boards for them to rest on. Yesterday, we blitzed that thing!

My dad came over early and we removed all of the items onto folding tables. He took out the horrible wire shelves (and there was much rejoicing!) and then he started on the hard work of putting up the new shelves. These new shelves are three inches deeper, which makes the space much more practical, and we were able to add a shelf at the very top of the pantry to store those appliances we don’t use very often.

Mr Snips enthusiastically reorganized the pantry after he got home from work. This is the result.

The pantry after - with beautiful wide solid shelves

I love, love, LOVE it! And as you can see, we actually have a little bit of shelf space left over. This is definitely a life upgrade. We are an organized sort of people, and being able to see what’s in there and have it look nice makes me soooo happy.

It also puts our total up to three closets where we have banished the wires (including the yarn closet).

And, since there wasn’t much I could do to help my dad in a small space yesterday, I worked diligently on my crazy knitting goal of finishing those Knotty gloves by today. I am now working on the pinky finger of the second glove! Only that, the thumb, and some ends to weave in and I’m done! I think I’ll make it!


4 thoughts on “Pantry upgrade”

  1. It drives me nuts when my pantry becomes too out of control – I can only imagine what you were living with! The new pantry shelving looks great!

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