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Crazy knitting goal

One year ago, on February 13, I completed my first pair of Knotty gloves. I delivered them to my mom just in time for the snow that was predicted on Valentine’s Day.

Now, I am considering giving myself a crazy deadline of finishing my own pair by Wednesday  morning (ha!), so that I am ready for the predicted snow/mix predicted for that day. Wouldn’t that be lovely symmetry? Finishing these two projects exactly a year apart?

Considering I only just finished glove #1 last night, and haven’t started #2, it’s seeming a bit lofty. I mean, I am working on size 1 needles. But hey, crazier things have happened. Maybe I can just hurry up with all my other obligations and park myself on the couch for some serious knitting time over the next two days.

I best be off if I’m going to put myself to this crazy challenge!


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