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Like candy…

I’ve been doing a lot of work on my second charity blanket of 2013. I started this most recent blanket on January 8. My intention was just to get it started enough so that I could pick it up as I felt like it. But it turns out this pattern (Blue Afghan) goes so quickly, especially at the beginning, that I found it addictive – like candy. I kept thinking “just a little bit more” as I sat cozied up by the fireplace.

the beginning of charity blanket #2

And strangely, I’ve been more addicted to adding more and more to this afghan than I have to my knitting projects, which I am mentally more interested in. But it’s just that this is so easy to pick up and do a few double crochets without having to look at a pattern, or worry that I need to finish a round or a row to get to a stopping point, and that’s just too yummy to resist.

It’s growing very quickly.

Preview of charity blanket #2You’ll notice I’m using the other color scheme that lost from the poll before, but I had enough yarn leftover to make that one happen, too.

And since today it’s snowing, and I’m planning on mostly staying holed up in the house, it might grow some more. It’s just a soft snow, not meant to accumulate more than an inch, but that’s enough for me to try to avoid bad snow drivers.

I have also restarted my own pair of Knotty gloves on size 1 needles, that fit now (hooray!), so hopefully I’ll have some progress photos of those to show you soon.




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