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To continue, or not to continue…

I’m already feeling a bit ambivalent about one of my 2013 goals: “Finish at least one of the pairs of socks languishing in my WIP pile.”

Truthfully, there are only 2 pairs that are in my WIP pile, the first sock of a Nutkin and the first sock of a Effervesce.

socks in progress

I decided the pair to tackle first would be the Nutkins, as I’ve had that yarn and pattern pairing in mind for over a year, and originally started these in September. I made the decision to do a normal heel flap instead of doing the pattern’s suggested short row heel, and that’s really about as far as I can get. I don’t think I like the way it’s biasing. I also realized after trying it on that though it fits, it bows out a little on the top and doesn’t fit snugly until the pattern begins. Though I have that nagging feeling that I should give up on this one, I just can’t get past what I thought was my initially perfect pairing of this yarn and pattern.

The second pair, Effervesce, I started back in May 2012. This yarn, Lorna’s Laces Solemate in Buckingham Fountain, was originally going to be Highness, and then I decided at the last minute before heading off on our Memorial Day road trip to switch. While I do think the pattern is turning out beautifully, it requires A LOT of concentration – much more knitting concentration than I normally have. Which is why I only worked on it during our road trip, and it has since been languishing in a bag. While I would love to finish these, I’m not sure I see it really happening any time in the near future (read: next three years).

I am very goal-oriented in general, and I have a hard time letting go of a project once I start it. It tends to haunt me and make me feel guilty, which is what prompted me to add this sock finishing goal in 2013. But now that I’m really not feeling either one of these projects, I’ve started thinking I need to get over that. Knitting is a hobby, after all, and not a job, and there’s no reason I have to follow through on something not fun that I was only going to do for my own enjoyment anyway.

As part of this realization, I decided to start on my own pair of Knotty gloves, which I have been coveting since I made my mom’s pair last year. I was SO EXCITED about getting started on these. I looked up my Ravelry notes on the last pair and got to work on size 2 needles. After I knit about an inch and half, I started thinking it was looking pretty large. I tried it on and…

Knotty gloves are too big!

it’s humongous. I looked at the pattern and realized it calls for a 1.5 needle. Sigh. So now it’s off to rip out my “fun” project to start over.




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