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FO: Charity Blanket #1 of 2013

Ta dah!

Remember when I asked you to vote on a color scheme for my next charity blanket? Well, it turns out when I feel committed to you, I finish afghans much faster!

After finishing my slipper socks (back on December 15), I started an afghan with the selected color scheme of navy, teal/turquoise and white. And on Tuesday, I finished it! This may be the fasted afghan I have ever completed.

As I started working on the blanket, it seemed like it didn’t really need the white, so I dropped it. And – full selfish disclosure – I’m glad you picked that color combo because I strongly dislike that turquoise yarn. I wanted to use it up and get it out of the house. Back in 2010, I picked out something other than my usual Caron One Pound yarn (for charity blankets, it’s best if it’s cheap and washable!) to be able to choose a wider range of colors. I regretted the choice immediately. It was soft, true, but it was also very splitty and much thinner than my usual yarn. I found it very frustrating to work with, but the end result was vibrant and pretty. Since then, almost a whole pound of it has been ruminating in the stash. It was time for it to go.

So this blanket incorporated navy Caron One Pound of yarn (which is certainly my preference and will unlikely stray from again!) and the dreaded turquoise yarn. And I think it’s turned out beautifully!

charity afghan 2013 #1

I still have a little of the turquoise left since I didn’t have enough to complete another round on the afghan.

leftover turquoise

I have plans to make another charity project with it so that the yarn will be well and truly gone! Stay tuned for another FO with it in the future.


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