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Knitting a whole sweater during a football game

This Sunday, I knit a whole sweater during the Colts v. Ravens football game. Sound improbable? Well, it was ornament sized.

I’m sure you all remember the adorable Sir Ted that my dear friend Sarah made for me for my last birthday. He lives on my nightstand, but he’s been looking cold with all of this snow.

I’ve suspected, ever since I saw him, that the Mini Weasley Sweater Ornament from Charmed Knits would fit him. I had made a blue one for a library display that I did years ago, and I went on a search to find it. Even after our recent clean and organization, I couldn’t find it.

On Sunday, Mr Snips and I (Colts fans, of course) were watching the football game. I noticed that things seemed to be going better whenever I walked out of the room, so I just walked into my new crafty closet and pulled out the pattern, yarn and needles needed for the sweater.

I was also getting into the depths of a nasty cold on Sunday. So my process was a bit like this – knit a little, blow nose, wash hands, put lotion on cracked hands, knit, blow nose, wash hands, knit…you get the idea.

As I was listening to the game, it became apparent that things were not going very well for the Colts, so I became fully focused on finishing up this tiny sweater. All in all, I think it was a much better use of my time than watching the loss!

Sir Ted's sweater

While I appreciate that tiny things are a quick knit, they are also a bit fiddly. The seaming required on such a small sweater annoyed me a little, but I at least got through it relatively quickly.

My plan was to duplicate stitch a gold T on the sweater to match his scarf (which he came with) and to make it fully Gryffindor colors for a special Weasley touch. I tried a couple of times, but could never make it look as nice as I wanted. I generally avoid duplicate stitch as it seems easier just to knit in the appropriate colors and really be done once the project is finished. So if anyone has great tips on how to make duplicate stitch beautiful, I’m all ears!

Sir Ted models sweater on busSir Ted’s sweater has the distinction of being the first completed project of 2013! I will be tracking again this year, so make sure to keep an eye on my widget on the right side of the blog.



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