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Getting Organized

We’ve been doing some major reorganization around the Snips residence, which has included… the stash.

We previously had a spare bedroom dedicated as an office space and crafting storage. A couple of months back, we purchased a new desk, and moved the office space to a new, much more convenient room. As a result, my yarn kind of exploded all over the old room. To the point that I was considering closing the door and never going back in there.

This is really an unacceptable state for both me and Mr Snips. We are both neat/tidy/clean people, and I could tell the mess was starting to get to both of us.

Over the holidays, we decided it was time to remedy this sorry state. We made an epic trip to Ikea (we have to travel to Ohio to get to one!) and purchased some nice closet organizers – hanging racks, shelves, roll-out mesh baskets, the works. Mr Snips worked like a man possessed and quickly took down the old, single wire racks (I HATE wire racks!) we had in each of our two spare bedroom closets, filled the holes and repainted both closets. He and my dad spent the next day hanging the organizers.

Then, came the hard work (I kid, Mr Snips did much more work than I!). I had to move the yarn from the messy room into the new roll-out baskets in the guest closet.

My previous yarn storage was two Liberty of London totes from Target, three very LARGE baskets, scraps and swatches in smaller baskets, and one small storage tower I’ve had since college. And then, some bits scattered all over the floor. You know, as you do. Here was my sock yarn basket.

sock yarn basket before

I took all the yarn from all of these places, and organized them into my new closet baskets.

closet basketsThese take up the bottom half of the closet, and about 2/3 of the width. From top left, you can see my projects in queue, my kitchen cotton, a crafty basket (art supplies for Mr Snips, craft scissors and beads for me), bulky weight yarn, worsted weight yarn, and finally in the bottom right, my sock yarn. Here’s a sock yarn close-up:

sock yarn basket afterYou’ll notice a lovely Liberty of London sachet in my sock yarn basket. It was a great gift from my mother-in-law that is filled with lavender, a great (and stylish!) moth repellent.

I was shocked when I went to move the yarn that much of it had started to tangle or unwind. I also found a few half-started projects that I knew I was going to abandon, but never had the guts to unravel. As part of the move, I finally pulled out all of the ill-fated projects, wound the yarn back up, and stored them. It was very cathartic, and a good feeling to clean up prior to the new year.

On the shelf above the baskets, I’ve stored my knitting books. The black binder is something I recently put together to organize all of my patterns I’ve printed out from Ravelry. They were previously shoved wherever I could stick a few sheets of paper, so this has been a major step up.

yarn booksOverall, I’m loving the new closets, and particularly the ease of pulling out what I need quickly. It’s also made me realize how much yarn I have all together. When it was all spread out, it was easy to be deceived about how much was there, but now there is no doubt. Hence the resolution to knit only from the stash for a while!

For now, I’m off. I’m feeling a bit sickly, and trying to take it easy so that I can be well fro the weekend. Back soon with a few FOs!






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