FO: Charity Blanket #2 and… help me pick my next color combo!

I’ve recently finished my second charity blanket of 2012.

charity blanket #2 of 2012This was my first blanket using three colors, and I really love it! I went for red, white and blue since this has been a very patriotic year for us. Mr Snips became a US citizen, we went to London for the Olympics, and Mr Snips voted in the US for the first time. It was all good red, white and blue fun!

I think that this blanket has a lot more pop than my main color with some white stripes that I traditionally do (to see a previous example, see blanket #1 of 2012). But I am still a creature of habit – this is the Blue Afghan pattern again.

I am now preparing to start blanket #3 of 2012. Not to say I’ll get it done by the end of the year (in fact, I can almost guarantee it will become #1 of 2013), but I do like to have one on the go all the time.

I’d like to do three colors again, and use up some leftover yarn from previous blankets. It will be, of course, the Blue Afghan pattern.

Since I’m feeling indecisive, I thought I’d enlist the blog to help me pick a color combination.

The first possible combination has the primary color as navy, and contrasting stripes of teal and white. I think this has a lot of pop to it, and the teal makes it bright and happy.

navy, teal and white possible combo

The second possible combination will still have navy as the main color (that’s what I have the most of), but with lilac and white as the contrasting colors. I like this one, too, and think it’s a little more feminine. Navy, lilac and white possible blanket comboSo… help me choose! I’ll take the tally on Monday morning at 9:00 am and hopefully get to work soon!




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