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Sailor Hats: Delivered

You’ll remember that earlier in the year I was collecting hats for the Hats for Sailors project.

My Friday Night Knitting group got in on the action, and I got my mom into it as well. All told, by November, I had 16 hats! I was very pleased with that number.

Collection times are Memorial Day and Veteran’s Day, and my mom finished her last hat just in time for me to add it to the pile before sending it off. Here was the final pile:

Sailor Hat delivery for November 2012

My mom really came through with all of the front row hats sporting the white tags.

For the hats I made, and the ones my Friday Night Knitting group did, I made my own tags. I made all of them thank you cards, since we are doing this in appreciation of their service. Though I don’t scrapbook any more (now that I can make an iBook faster and cheaper and get Apple to print all my pictures in a professionally bound book in less than a week – why bother?), I do find it handy to have some of the tools around. I used some bright paper I had left over and my fancy-edge scissors to create small cards. I wrote “Thank you!” in different writing on the front of each tag. Inside, I included the first name of who made it and the care instructions.Sailor Hat tagOnce that was complete, I took all 16 to the post office, crammed them all into the “medium” box (why is it so small if it’s supposed to be medium??), and sent them off.

It’s been a very fun thing to participate in, and I’ve already started my pile for May. I’ll share my first completed hat for the next round in a few days.



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