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FO: October Leaves Fingerless Mitts

I’ve had this pattern and yarn pairing in mind for over a year, and finally executed it. I have to say – this is definitely on my list of top five favorite projects of the year!!October Leaves Mitts

This is the October Leaves Fingerless Mitts pattern made with Bliss with a Twist in Day Lily. They are such a bright pop of orange with any coat, very practical and they make me smile every time I look down. I finished these mitts just in time to have them for the whole month of October, and I enjoyed every moment of wearing them. I have also worn them well into November, since we’ve been having unseasonably warm weather about once a week.  Thumb gusset of October Leaves Mitts

I love the double cable detail on the mitts – one simple one up the front, and one ending in leaves at the thumb gusset.

It makes me want to knit more fingerless mitts because they’re so practical. I can still rummage around in my purse and feel things, operate my phone, push buttons in the car… and still keep my hands warm. Do you have a favorite fingerless mitts pattern? If so, I’d love to know so I can consider adding it to my queue… 🙂


3 thoughts on “FO: October Leaves Fingerless Mitts”

  1. I just made the toasty mitts for a friend. Simple and sweet. Now I want a pair. The honeycomb mitts by Pink Brutus Knits are also great. I have made three pairs and I think I will make another set soon! Your mitts are gorgeous, I dig the orange. I would smile looking down at them as well!

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