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FO: Hitchhiker

I actually finished Hitchhiker quite some time ago – back in July.

Finishing it up, however, was so traumatic, I have only now been able to write about it.

The pattern said to knit until you have 6 grams left. Normally, I get a little nervous and never knit for as long as I’m meant to, end up with extra yarn left over, and scold myself for not trusting there would be enough. This inevitably leaves me with tiny bits of yarn left over that are far too small to be used in any other projects.

This time, I decided I would use every last inch of this Crock-O-Dye yarn, which is a lovely mix of superwash merino, nylon and silk. And besides, this is Hitchhiker, and it’s meant to have 42 points!

I could see that it was going to be a tight squeeze. Once I started to get apprehensive about running out of yarn, I starting running lifelines at the end of each repeat. I knit until I weighed it and the scale obligingly told me I had 6 grams left – just what the pattern said! – I was magic and on my way.

6 grams of yarn left to finish my Hitchhiker

I started knitting away at the last point. I started binding off. I got increasingly nervous. And then this happened. reaching the end of my yarn on HitchhikerI was knitting outside on our back patio, so I tried to keep the swearing to a minimum to spare the nearby children.

Then I remembered that I had encountered a bad spot in the yarn near the beginning and had to cut the yarn and start over. I wove in the ends where I had made the spit, and then took the leftover ends and spliced them desperately to the end of the yarn I was using to bind off. creatively adding ends to my HitchhikerAnd then I was left with four – FOUR – stinking stitches that I still could not bind off.

I was beside myself – I had believed the pattern, I had taken a risk I would not normally take, I believed those lying kitchen scales, I had spent a beautiful summer evening feeling completely on edge, and I was left here. Four stitches short.

But then, there was always that lifeline! But what would I do with that leftover six grams? No, I had come too far. Something else had to be done.

I went into the stash room and looked at my little basket full of odds and ends. I keep small scraps of different weight yarns to use for waste yarn, and there happened to be a fairly decent length of yarn left from my Clapotis. Sure, it didn’t match exactly, but I could cut out a blue piece and try to make it work.

And so I did. And I don’t think anyone would really ever notice. Even if they did, and unwisely said so out loud, they would regret it.

I think it’s beautiful, even though it’s only 39 points – not 42.Finishing HitchhikerIt’s a great light piece to wear when it’s just a little chilly. It has really been starting to feel like fall, so it’s already had one outing. Wearing Hitchhiker





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