Keep me where the light is

If you were expecting the next installment of holiday recap, you will be sorely disappointed today. Though I swear it will come, it is much more important for me today to do this from my laptop on the couch than spend a lot of time in our office on the desktop uploading endless photos.

If you were expecting knitting news, you will also be disappointed, but I am working on amazing pair of fingerless mitts in bright orange, which I will share soon. Obsessed is the word I would use for that.

Today, you are getting my thoughts on my favorite John Mayer song, Gravity. John Mayer is my absolute favorite artist, so picking a favorite song is kind of a big deal for me. Gravity takes my breath away. It moves me, and is even more powerful at live shows. It is one song that I cannot tell you the literal meaning of the lyrics. Normally, this would bother me because I obsessively learn the lyrics to all songs and listen very carefully. This song, however, is maybe more powerful because it’s more of a feeling, an impression. It’s being overwhelmed by big things that you can’t necessarily control, and finding a way to keep yourself where the light is.

That’s something that really resonates with me on difficult days like today. Mr Snips and I have already had a stressmare (have I just made up that word? I think I have! I like it… maybe I should trademark it?) of a week with work, even with a short week, and this song was the perfect cure. We listed to my Live in Los Angeles records on my record player, and I baked zucchini bread for a work bake sale. It was a lovely and peaceful way to spend the evening.

So for now, I leave you with this video of his Where the Light Is performance (sorry about the ad – you can skip it). Enjoy.


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