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Holiday recap: Paris

Mr Snips and I went on a whirlwind trip to Paris during our holiday. We left very early on the Eurostar, arrived in Paris, walked and ate and walked, and then returned on the Eurostar very late.

This trip was part of my birthday present, which was an amazing gift from Mr Snips. It was a beautiful, sunshine-filled day in Paris.

The best part of the day, in my opinion, was breakfast. We picked up pain au chocolats, an eclair and coffees from a little patisserie. We set out to find a nice place to eat outdoors and happened upon a beautiful square all set up for public viewing of the Olympics – a giant screen, fat boy beanbag chairs, and cafe tables and chairs covered by large umbrellas. We grabbed a little table and ate our delicious food.

Paris breakfast: Eclair and coffee

Public Olympic viewing area

We wandered around, touring Notre Dame (which I had been inside of, but Mr Snips had not). I love the starry ceiling they have in some parts of the cathedral:Notre Dame's starry ceiling

We went to a beautiful church called Sainte-Chapelle, which neither of us had been to before. It is small but stunning, simply because there is stained glass everywhere. There are few solid walls. Pictures don’t do it justice: Sainte-ChapelleWe went to the Musee d’Orsay, primarily because I love Van Gogh and they have a great collection. We weren’t allowed to take pictures there, though. We got Nutella and banana crepes from a little shop near the museum – yum!

We also strolled by the Eiffel Tower and the Arc de Triomphe. I would imagine most of you know what those look like, so we’ll skip the pictures there.

We finished the day with dinner and a super speedy trip to Sacre Coeur. I’d never been there before, and we were only able to see the outside. I recognized much of it from the movie Amelie. We did a quick scoot by a chocolate shop and then ran to the Eurostar. We narrowly made it back to the train on time. Our lateness was also compounded by the fact that the French border agent would not let us go through the EU line together (though we do in England) and that the English border agent wanted to have a chat about how complicated the forms are to fill out to travel to the US.

More soon on our Olympics adventures…

P.S. – I realize that all of these French words are missing accents – and that’s simply because I couldn’t be bothered to figure out special characters. Sorry!


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