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Lost in time and space



So… I’m back! Sorry for the long absence. Knitting and I have been having some arguments lately, and then we went on holiday, so not a lot has happened.

Before holiday, I was working dutifully on my Doctor Who socks. I followed the pattern exactly, because the picture on the pattern looked exactly like I wanted mine to be. It said to knit 20 rows of ribbing, or whatever you desire. I assumed 20 rows is what the designer did, or it wouldn’t have been called out in the pattern. So, despite some misgivings, that’s what I did.

Once I got into my colorwork portion (which looked better than I ever could have hoped!), I realized the proportion was all wrong, especially after trying what I had completed on my leg. I reviewed the pattern photo and realized there’s no way they knit 20 rows – maybe 10. I was disgusted with my too-long ribbing.

Doctor Who socks with too-long ribbingSo I stuck some needles in it to mark where 10 rows would be. And decided that to save my beautiful colorwork, I would undo the cast-on edge and pick back each stitch individually. The twisted ribbing was nasty work to get undone. It took me three weeks to undo 720 stitches, because I could only bring myself to do the tedious work sporadically.

Once I got all 10 rows ripped back, I was ecstatic. I had done it! Saved my colorwork and could prepare to go on! So I cast off very carefully. Wove in the ends very well to make sure there was no potential for any stitches to be dropped. And then tried it on. It would not fit over the ball of my foot. Much swearing ensued.

So, I took a picture of it, because I knew I had to rip it out and that my next attempt would not be so beautiful.

the doomed Doctor Who sockI managed to rip it out and get started again prior to holiday. I got to the bottom of the windows and then packed it away on my carry on for some work on the plane. I am now onto the foot of the first sock, and feeling a little bit better. But I am still feeling that this project must be doomed. I hope I make it through the pair…




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