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Riiiiiiipppp… went the sad pattern/yarn combo:

Summer sock got frogged!

A week ago Saturday, I took the plunge and frogged the sock progress I had made. I didn’t find the process too painful though; the yarn is too brightly colored and happy for feeling sad. I thought it was beautiful all unraveled in my project bag. Though it does border on looking like an insane clown wig at the right angle.

On a much sadder note, the world lost Nora Ephron yesterday. She wrote my all-time favorite movie, When Harry Met Sally. I discovered it the summer before I went to college, and that movie became my go to for the next several years. It is so funny, full of memorable lines and always left me in a better mood. I can’t tell you how many times I turned it on when I was sad, said the dialogue along with the actors and cuddled up with ice cream.

When I went to London to study abroad, I took a film studies class. I went to my first small discussion group, headed by a very hip, film savvy teaching assistant who asked us to introduce ourselves and say what our favorite movie was. I was nervous to say When Harry Met Sally – I didn’t know if that would be film snobbish enough, and anyway, this was England, maybe they had different tastes – but I said it anyway. And he said it was the best romantic comedy of our generation. And it’s true.

And when I bought the When Harry Met Sally soundtrack, it introduced me to another love of mine, Harry Connick Jr. His version of It Had To Be You that appeared on that soundtrack was our first dance song at our wedding.

When Harry Met Sally will always be special to me, and we have Nora Ephron’s great writing and wit to thank for it. Rest in peace.


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