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What does this want to be?

I bought this beautiful art yarn panel last summer.

Flower art yarn panel

It called to me from the yarn shop. I resisted a couple of times, but finally caved. This has been marinating in my stash since then.

During my knitting ennui, I thought these bright colors would cheer me up, bring inspiration and knit up into some beautiful socks.

I picked out a pattern I had used for this same yarn before (A Good Yarn, dyed by my friend Mary Ann). I cast on for a medium, since that’s what I thought I made before, without pulling out the first pair to double check. You see where this is going, right?

I wasn’t loving the pattern with this yarn, but in an effort to continue knitting at all costs – since it had taken me ages to decide on a project I thought I wanted to do – I continued to the heel flap.

Sock in progress

And when I was almost done with that, I tried it on. It is way too big. I should have cast on for the small.

So now, with the combination of the pattern/yarn not playing well together, and the sock not being the right size, I have decided to frog it all.

But that means I could make anything out of this yarn now – not just socks! I know I don’t want to make a shawl (I don’t wear them), but other than that, the sky is the limit. This yarn is too pretty to be wasted on something I don’t love… so I’m shopping for suggestions. What should this be?


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