Bon Voyage and Felted Bags

I’m not sure what my Friday night knitting group has done, but we seem to have run off not one, but two, members of our group. They are both moving to the West Coast, far, far away from Indiana.

A couple of weeks ago, we had a Bon Voyage party that included a Sockhead Hat .

This past Friday, we sent Cynthia off in style with a group project – a beautiful felted bag.

Here is the bag before it was felted:

The bag before it was felted

Each of us in our group took turns knitting on a stripe. I started the bag, so the bottom green stipe is mine. We followed the Go Green Shopping Bag pattern (Ravelry link), and subbed out some of the greens for Cynthia’s other favorite colors.

I have two favorite parts about this bag:

  1. I love how the different colors meld. Holding two different colors together really gives it an interesting look that makes the stripes seem to bleed into each other.
  2. I love that even though loads of different people worked on it and made their own decisions about what yarn to hold together, everything about it looks planned and gorgeous. We are people of good taste. 🙂

I think Cynthia liked it. Here is my dodgy, blurry iPhone photo series of her opening it.

Opening the bag.
Oh, you got me a present?!
Cynthia opens the bag
You made a beautiful bag!
Cynthia and her new bag
This bag really suits me! I love it!

Cynthia left on her new adventure today, and we all wish her the best of luck! And we hope the bag fit in your suitcase or worked as your carry on… and that it provides you years of loyal service!


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