Crafty confusion

After I did some marathon knitting to finish the baby blanket and the Sockhead Hat, as well as  a couple of stealth projects, I have found myself in a weird knitting lull.

I’ve pulled out my charity afghan, which is a mindless crochet project. I don’t really love the project – it’s just the same I do every year – and it only comes out when I truly have zero knitting inspiration.

I took my first spinning class last week (more on that later) and I haven’t had the motivation to pick it up again.

I have a pair of socks on the needles, but I am starting to doubt the pattern, so I’ve been stalling at the heel on the first one.

I have a great stash of yarn just waiting for me to dig in, and I’m sitting here crocheting a project with acrylic.

I have a few FOs that I need to photograph and share on here, but haven’t found the time.

Something is wrong with me.

What’s your best way to find your knitting inspiration? Please help!


One thought on “Crafty confusion

  1. Buy more yarn! Start a project for myself that has been in the stash/queue for a ridiculous amount of time. Or power through the charity blanket and let the sense of accomplishment inspire your next project.

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