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Slouchy goodness

So, one of my very favorite knitters is preparing to move across the country to Oregon. There was no way I could let her leave without something to remind her of her knitterly friends in Indiana.

Sockhead hat 1

And since I knew she’d been eyeing up a Sockhead Hat that one of our other knitter friends had, I figured that was the best project to do!

Back of Sockhead Hat

I picked out a yarn that was primarily purple, since it’s her favorite color.

Side of the sockhead hat

I didn’t realize when I bought this yarn (Cherry Tree Hill Fingerpaints) that is was self-striping. Since the pattern is pretty plain, the frequent stripes really add interest and make the miles of stockinette a lot more fun than it normally would be. And it kind of makes an awesome little bullseye at the top!

It's slouchy!!

I made it exactly to pattern with size 2 circular needles. And it turned out super slouchy! But that’s just the point.

We will miss you lots and lots, Faux. And I hope that the hat will keep you super warm in Oregon, and remind you of our good times.


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