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It’s getting hot (pink) in here.

So, the green blanket continues to steal my soul. Particularly on Sunday when I realized I had made a big honkin’ mistake (of the type I feel is inexcusable at this point of my knitting career), and I am having to tear out a few rows to remedy the mess.

As a result, I am now dabbling in a nice pair of socks to calm my nerves, introduce a little pattern into my life (less garter stitch=happier me), and accomplish something.

Here is the beginning.

Toe of my new pink sock

And yes, that looks suspiciously like stockinette and boringness. But it is toe-up, I did short rows, and now I’m on to magic loop. And there is going to be a pattern in the rest of the sock. So my salvation is coming.

And how can anything be boring when it is such amazing, in-your-face hot pink??!


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