blanket, knitting

One of these things is not like the other…

So, as I mentioned last weekend, I am trying to knit like I don’t know any better. I am pretending that dye lot 04/2011 is exactly the same as 04/2011 A, though it’s not really quite true.

I got a bit worried last Friday night. I took the two skeins to knit night, and most of the group decided that yes, they could definitely tell the difference. But there were a couple who said they couldn’t. And then someone said it was more noticeable far away. And then someone else said, but in that light, well, maybe it is the same. But over there… hmmm. Maybe you could knit every other row with the different dye lot? (I ex-nayed that pretty much immediately – I don’t think it’s so different I need to be that fussy, and it’s mostly acrylic, so how different can it be?). It’s probably fine, they said. After such solid advice, what was a girl to do?

I’ve been knitting with both dye lots and I can’t tell the difference.

Can you?

Close up of the two dye lots

This week, I took the blanket back with both dye lots knitted into it (2 skeins of each), and the consensus was that no one can tell the difference. So, it seems that purposeful stupidity has paid off in this case!

That being said, this blanket may kill me. When I picked it out, I was in the mood for mindless TV knitting, and I have now crossed the threshold into losing my mind. The miles of garter stitch are destroying my soul. For every 27 rows of garter stitch, I am knitting 13 rows of “lace,” which only requires my attention for 3 of those 13 rows. So, out of every 30 rows, I am only getting to do anything exciting for 3. It’s not good odds for my mental health.

But – on the positive side – I am now on the decrease half of the blanket. The good thing about knitting a blanket diagonally is that it’s a lot like biking to the top of the hill and being able to coast down. I breezed through the first few stripes of knitting while it was small, felt like giving up once the rows got longer than 100 stitches (I added a little extra, so I eventually got to 188), and am now on the every row goes faster than the last one coast.

Now, I’m on the race to the finish!


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