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Knitting is Knotty

I haven’t gotten much knitting done lately. Mostly because my birthday is close enough after Valentine’s Day that I can kind of sneakily turn it into an entire week of fun, which is mostly of the non-knitting variety.

One goal I did set myself, however, was to get my mom’s quasi-secret gloves done before Valentine’s Day.

Knotty gloves

When we went to Simply Socks Yarn Company in December, my mom fell in love with the glove sample that was made with Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Sundown Orchid. I picked up the sample, carried it around the store, and stroked it. I’m sure I looked very strange, but really I was just looking for someone who worked there to tell me what yarn and pattern it was (Knotty).

Fast forward to January, when I started the project. It was my first attempt at magic loop, which was fun, and my first pair of gloves. I kind of stopped and started when I got to the finger sections, as those didn’t seem quite as much fun (but were not as fussy as I thought they would be!).

However, when I heard on Sunday that it was supposed to snow on Valentine’s Day, I thought there was no time like the present to finish them and get them to mom so she still had a couple of weeks of winter left to wear them. I marathon-knitted through Sunday and was able to deliver them to her after work on Monday, just in time for the snow!

Knotty Gloves

Mom says they are beautiful, and hands down the most comfortable and warmest gloves she’s ever had. I’m very pleased with these, too. I *love* the cable detail on them. And I think they are possibly the prettiest things I have ever made.


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