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Magic… Loop, that is.

I love magic. I am certainly bordering on obsession with Harry Potter (many would argue I’ve crossed that border), and I will read or watch (almost) anything that involves magic. I watch Merlin on TV, read Harry Potter repeatedly, pick up new magic reads like The Night Circus, and on it goes. I know none of it is real, but isn’t it wonderful to feel like you could live in a world where there are possibilities beyond your imagination, where forces can work for good (and, in some cases, evil), and something can be created from nothing?

In some ways, knitting is it’s own little kind of magic. You pick up some yarn and some needles, and make a hat or a sock or a sweater happen. Now, it seems a little more labor intensive than Mr. Potter and his fancy wizard school and wand, but hey, it’s still pretty cool.

So, in my quest to try new things this year, I decided to pick up another knitting kind of magic – magic loop.

I had heard about magic loop, but didn’t really know what it entailed. However, when I saw Glenna’s tutorial on magic loop a couple of months ago, I looked at it and said, “That looks EASY. Why have I not been doing this?” And the answer, of course, is because I just finished buying nice bamboo double pointed needles in just about every size, so now is the time I should discover that I loved magic looping and now also need circular needles in every size. Figures.

I’ve been using magic loop on a stealth project for my mom. She knows what the project is – she picked out the yarn and the pattern – but I don’t really want her to see any progress yet. What I can say is that so far, is that I super love this project, and am so excited to get done and see the finished product.

So now that I’ve talked it up, here’s a tiny sneak at my lovely project in it’s magic looping glory.

Magic loop

And a close-up of this yarn. I am in LOVE with this yarn: Dream in Color Smooshy with Cashmere in Sundown Orchid, which I purchased at the Simply Socks Yarn Company when my mom and I made a pilgrimage to Fort Wayne just to go to the shop. It was certainly worth the drive.

DIC Smooshy with cashmere


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