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A Signature experience

A week ago Saturday, I got an insatiable urge to buy a set of Signature circular needles. I’d been stalking their website for months, and I finally couldn’t take it any more. Something had to be done. The credit card magically jumped from my wallet into my hand, and the rest is history.

I decided to order just one set to get a taste, to see if I loved the needles as much as I thought I would. I settled on the size 8 32” circular with a 5.5” needle, as that’s what I need to finish the Green Sweater of Doom.

The Green Sweater of Doom and I started our time together during a lengthy road trip in October. The abundance of stockinette was good company for me over the miles, but after I got home, it got shoved to the bottom of the knitting bag. When I did get it out, I would mindlessly knit the stockinette, and realize 5 inches too late that I was supposed to have started the decreases. When this had happened two or three times, and I did the required ripping back, I started to be disgusted. It was my own fault for believing that I did not need a pattern, for reading too late, but it didn’t matter. This sweater and I were not on speaking terms. But I could just feel that the Signature needles would help me overcome my aversion to finishing the sweater.

Signature needles with the green sweater

I was right.

On Thursday night, after receiving the needles, I did my ripping out (again, ignoring the decreases!) and put the stitches onto my new needles. They were lighter than I expected, and I started knitting, not sure how I felt about them.

Five rows later, I was sold. When I actually started doing the decreases, it was a dream to k2tog, or skp, since the pointy stiletto tips made getting into the tight spaces as easy as pie. The stiletto tips were also a dream when I was tinking back a few stitches (again, not reading!) and then knitting them back. I love these needles. LOVE them.

So, after switching to the Signature needles on Thursday, I finished the first front side of the cardigan by Friday, cast on for the second piece later on Friday night, and finished the other front piece by Sunday.

And now, all pieces are happily blocking on my new blocking mats from Knit Picks, which my mom and dad very sweetly got me for Christmas. These are certainly an upgrade from the cardboard box piece I had covered in a plastic bag and packing tape, which I previously used for blocking. I love my new ones because I can put them together in any shape that I need, and have either a big or small area, depending on what I’m blocking. I’m using every piece of it for these three pieces of cardigan, and it fits very snugly.

Back of Altered Austen Jacket blocking Front of Altered Austen Jacket blocking

So logically, if I buy more needles, I’ll finish more projects… right?

Note: This is in no way a sponsored post, just a personal opinion on some items I have purchased recently.



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