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Finished project: Sailor hat


I am a little behind with pictures of my second finished object of 2012. I finished this a week ago Friday (always get more done on knit nights!), but have been waiting to have some nice daylight to take pictures of it.

This is yet another Sailor Hat, again using Cascade 128 Superwash and the A Hat Fit for a Boyfriend pattern.

This hat was completely dictated by the leftover scraps of 128 I had left over from other Sailor Hats, but I think the colors look beautiful together.

Sailor Hat with stripes

I particularly like the switch to the blue/green color for the top, which happened because I ran out of cream. However, I think it happened in just the right place. This particular hat looks even better on, and Mr Snips was nice enough to do a modeling shoot for me.

Sailor Hat

With the hat on, you can really see how nice the decreases are, and how every other rib ends early at a nice little point. That’s my favorite part of this particular pattern.

I’ll be adding this to my pile to send away, and will hopefully be able to add two more from my mom to the lovely group I shared with you last week.

This has been a wonderfully relaxing weekend, which has mostly centered around knitting, watching several reruns of Murder, She Wrote, and is being wrapped up with a Sunday night full of NFL Playoffs. As a result, I have made significant progress on my green sweater, and I am hoping to be able to share some exciting pictures later this week where it actually starts to look like a sweater.

I am off now to check on the banana bread in the oven (yum!)…


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