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2012: Year of the Blanket

This has been a busy week for me, with very limited time for crafting. Which makes my crocheted blanket the perfect project for the week.

Every year since  2007, my mom and I have crocheted blankets for the Julian Center, which is a local shelter for victims of domestic violence and other life crises. Enough afghans are collected each year to give every woman at the shelter one for Christmas. I see this as a very important charity project, since most of these women are starting over with nothing, including basic home goods.

I always make at least one, but usually more. Last year, I only finished one, so my goal is to finish at least two.

I’m making good progress – what you see below is 4 feet x 3 feet, which means I only need to finish two more feet all the way around. I’m now off to work a few more rows this evening while catching up on TV.

1st blanket in progress for 2012


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