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Slipper Sock, the first.

I completed the first slipper sock on the second of January. I had finished all but the last couple of rows on new year’s day. I felt everything was possible – I’d pretty much finished a sock in a day. I was invincible. These puppies would be totally complete by Friday!

The long and short of it is that it’s Thursday and I’m still working on the heel of the second sock. It could still happen, since Friday is Open Studio at my local yarn shop, but we’ll see. I usually get distracted. 🙂

The best thing I’ve found about toe-up socks so far is how close you can cut it on the yarn. What’s left from my first sock is two very tiny, tiny pieces – one from cast on and one from bind off. I feel like I got the most mileage possible out of my yarn, and that makes me a happy girl.

first toe-up sock

The color isn’t totally accurate in this photo. Since I got home after dark tonight, my options were limited. But I’m loving everything about these, and the best part is that it fits Mr Snips!


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