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Today, it was very cold. The coldest it’s been in Indiana so far this year (which is unusual). But I wasn’t worried – I was cozy in my handknits. I was wearing my amazing Hermione’s Cable and Eyelet hat that my mom made me, cozy Me Lucky Charms socks, and my chunky Encompass Scarf made out of Malabrigo (yum!).

The only thing missing is a pair of thick merino slipper socks for Mr Snips. He’s been running around with cold feet for days now. I’ve finished the first sock, and I’m about 5 inches into the second sock. These are my first toe-up project, and I love it. Short rows are so magic! I never imagined that I could start out knitting “flat” and it would turn into a lovely toe pocket! Amazing!

As an added bonus, I get to use one of my pirate stitch markers to mark my row. He makes me happy every time I get around the sock. So I will leave you with a lovely picture of Bob, the pirate, and hope to have a finished pair of socks to share with you in a couple of days.

Pirate stitch marker on sock


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