I’d pay good money for an elf.

One of my colleagues is famous for saying “I’d pay good money for an elf” when she gets busy at work. I think we can all agree that we would love a wee elf to sneak in after we leave for the day and magically do all of the work we don’t like to, and in the morning – SURPRISE! – all of the nasty work is gone. Then we would all leave for a very long lunch and an afternoon siesta at home…

But since that can’t happen, I have made her a wine cork and yarn elf to keep her company.

Pink Elf

I first saw this pattern on Glenna’s blog, and as soon as I saw them, I knew my colleague had to have one. It’s just a darling little thing! And it knits up so quickly! And it’s a great desk decoration!

I made it out of some acrylic that I had in my stash. The yarn originally came from a dodgy market stall in England – which means it could be full of strange market magic, I suppose. I do love the colors in this yarn, and it’s perfect for elf clothes.

Unfortunately, this lovely little elf was finished in 2011, so it can’t count towards my 2012 total. I do, however, have sock 2 of my first toe-up socks started, so my first finished project (and one of my new year’s resolutions) could be done soon!


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