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A new year

Welcome to 2012, everyone!

2011 was a pretty good year, but not without it’s challenges. I’m excited to begin a new year, and have made a few craft-related resolutions I’d like to share with you.

  1. At best guess, I completed somewhere around 21 projects last year (I didn’t keep a very accurate record and didn’t put all of my projects on Ravelry). I’d like to complete more that that this year. I’ve started a count on the right side of this blog where I will keep my updated numbers. As a note for the rules of this, things that were on the needles in 2011 but not finished, will count toward this total.
  2. Complete my first pair of toe-up socks. I’ve started that this morning.
  3. Complete a lace or lace-like project. I hate knitting lace right now, but I want to complete one project to show myself I can do it. I am currently contemplating a scarf for this, but I may wuss out for a smaller project. Who knows what the year holds?
  4. Knit only from my stash for the first two months of the year. My husband has suggested we buy more furniture for our craft room (which he insists is an “office”) because my yarn is starting to overflow the containers I currently have for it. I don’t want to buy more furniture (takes away from yarn money!), so I’ll start knitting it into useful things. And besides, I already have about 5 projects planned anyway.
  5. Learn to use my sewing machine. I have my grandmother’s beautiful old sewing machine and have no idea how to use it. It was a 2011 goal to do this, and I never got around to it.
  6. Complete one sewing project on my own. My mom is going to teach me how to sew to begin with, but I want to be able to do one project on my own.

Now I’m off to continue working on that first pair of toe-up socks…


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