ceramics, knitting

Custom yarn bowl

I’ve seen yarn bowls around, really liked them, and never pulled the trigger on buying one. I had handy project bags that I bought with my Tom Bihn Swift knitting bag (I have the kiwi/black one – LOVE IT!!!), so I didn’t need anything specifically for knitting at home.

And I still don’t need one. But Mr. Snips and I went to one of those paint your own pottery studios this week while we were off for the holidays. I didn’t really need anything, but I saw what they called a “tall cereal bowl” and a sheep stamp. So I decided to make my own yarn bowl. Sure, there is no fancy cut out to string my yarn through, but more than likely I’ll have it on the floor while I’m knitting on the couch (I always have my yarn on the floor…), so I’ll need it to pull from the top anyway.

I’ll forewarn you that this is a amateurish paint job. I have no patience with sitting down for any craft but knitting or crocheting, so I tend to rush at the end just to get finished. But hey, we’ll call it rustic, homemade, and more proof on why I should stick to fiber crafts.

Outside view of yarn bowl Inside view of yarn bowl

Side view of yarn bowl

The beautiful yarn featured in this bowl is from Three Irish Girls Glenhaven Cashmerino Fingering weight in Nora. It is much prettier than the bowl. 🙂


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