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Recipe for a reindeer scarf

Today, we put away all of our Christmas decorations. It makes me sad, but it has to happen at some point. My only general rule is that everything has to be put away by New Year’s so we can begin the next year fresh.

However, when it comes to Christmas decorations, I am a sucker for reindeer. I think it has something to do with my fondness for the 1964 claymation version of Rudolph. Whatever the case may be, I had my mom pick up these beautiful vine reindeer for me in the after Christmas sales last year.


One day very close to Christmas this year, my mom said she thought my little reindeer needed wreaths around their necks. To which I said – no, they need handknit scarves!!

So I set about creating my recipe for reindeer scarves.

I decided to begin with leftover yarn from when I created our stockings way back in 2007.

For the little one, I chose the color scheme from my stocking and decided to make it a stripe the long way. To cheat and not have to make a gauge swatch, I just pulled my stocking down and checked it. It looked to be 8 stitches per 2 inches.

Checking gauge for stocking

Then I put a little bit of yarn around the reindeer to estimate how long I wanted the scarf to be and then measured it.

Measuring the length of the reindeer scarf  Measure to 24 inches

So, doing a little math (!!), I decided to cast on 96 stitches with my worsted weight yarns on size 9s. My little reindeer scarf pattern was:

CO 96 with grey.
Knit 2 grey rows.
Knit 2 green rows.
Knit 2 purple rows.
Knit 2 green rows.
Knit 2 grey rows.
Bind off loosely and add some fringe!

It ended up being a little bit longer than I anticipated, despite my best math efforts, but only by a couple of inches.

For the larger reindeer, I decided on a simple solid red scarf using some leftover yarn from Mr Snips stocking. I made it with bulky yarn on 11s. The pattern for that was:

CO 6.
Knit until 36 inches long.
Bind off.
Edge with single crochet in contrasting color.
Add fringe!

Reindeer with scarves

I think they look very handsome now! And it also means I’m likely to leave them up past New Year’s in order to enjoy them, since they only just got their beautiful neckwear.


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