A new beginning

Hello, all! Welcome to my first blog post.

I’ve been a knitter in earnest for about 6 years now. I learned from my mother, who is a crafter extraordinaire. Though my first project was an ill-fated Harry Potter Gryffindor scarf about 9 years ago, I’ve found great yarn, great needles, and a much better knitting rhythm.

I’ve been thinking about starting a blog off and on now for about 2 years. Something always stopped me – I didn’t think I knit enough or made anything impressive enough or that I would have enough time to keep it up. I kept reading other’s knitting blogs, saw their projects,  and kept wishing I was sharing my creations, too. But now, I feel the time is right. Starting tomorrow, I’ll be sharing photos of my projects.

Hot Chocolate

Today has been a lovely day, filled with a walk out in the first snow (it’s strange for Indiana that we’ve had to wait so long for snow!!) painting my own pottery (which you’ll get to see later this week), and drinking hot chocolate.

I’m now off to work on a sweater project next to my roaring fireplace.


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